American Land Equity

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  • We Pay All Closing Costs
  • Quick & Easy Closing Process
  • NO Realtor Commissions of 6%-10%
  • NO Long Listing Contracts
  • You Choose Your Preferred Closing Attorney or Title Company
  • We Coordinate the Entire Transaction 
  • Accredited & Reputable Land Buyer 

What We Do

We make CASH offers on vacant land, and close FAST. Here’s how…
We buy direct from you – No agents, inspectors, appraisers, or banks as middlemen who complicate and prolong the process with their administrative red-tape, and charge tons in commissions and fees. If you’ve ever wondered “how to sell land without a realtor”, this process accomplishes that, saving you thousands of dollars.
We pay ALL costs associated with the transaction – Including your title, escrow, and all other closing costs. If we need to do any tests or surveys on the lot while we’re in escrow, we pay out of pocket with no added costs for you.
We buy land AS-IS, WHERE-IS – No need to clean, clear, cut roads, add utilities, etc.
We pay CASH and close quickly – Since we we don’t rely on banks for financing we can close quickly – often in as little as 3-4 weeks.
We empower you by including you in the process, making sure you understand what’s going on every step of the way.

How Much Is My Land Worth

Establishing the “value” of a piece of land is both an art and a science, and will vary widely depending on who you ask.
For example, a farmer will consider how much it will cost to clear the land and grow a crop; a developer will consider access, zoning, and restrictions. A family looking for somewhere to build their dream home will consider distance to amenities, availability of utilities, and buildability of the lot. If you called a few land specialist realtors, they would all give you different answers as well.

The point is, each of us will value land according to our plans, needs, and vision; How you value a piece of land is likely very different from many other potential buyers of the exact same property.

How We Make Our Offers

We’re unique in that we factor in all these different perspectives into our valuation, incorporating the findings of our in-depth research on the lot, to come to an offer price that we believe is fair for both you – the seller – and us.
We base our offers on the “market value” of a piece of land, taking into consideration what the highest and best use of the property is, and how much it will cost us to get it there.

A Better Solution 

Sure, you could sell your land yourself, or you could hire a Realtor and hope they’re able to. However, in both cases, you’re looking at a long time-horizon and tons of costs.
In addition, most vacant land listed with Realtors “expires” without selling, or sits on the market for months… or sometimes years.
Even if it does sell, you’re looking at paying a Commission in the 6%-10% range, plus surveys, Percolation Tests, Appraisals, Title Search, Title Insurance, title company/attorney costs and other fees. Depending on the location, size, and other aspects of your land these costs can cost you thousands of dollars or more.
Or, you could choose the easy route, and give us a call 843-259-2895.

As soon as the Title Company has all the paperwork ready (which usually takes about 3-4 weeks), we are ready to close. The amount that we offer you is the number that will be on your check.

No agent commissions, No fees No costs related to perc tests, surveys, inspections, improvements We can close immediately – as soon as the Title Company can get the paperwork ready. No need to manage or monitor your property as it sits on the market, or coordinate with buyers and agents.

A Hassle-Free Way To Selling Land Without A Realtor
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It's our #1 Priority to make sure you are comfortable with the transaction and have a pleasant experience. Selling your property is a big decision. We understand that. We firmly believe that we offer a simple solution to your problem of owning burdensome, expensive, or unused land.
We promise to be fair, and are committed to giving you the highest and best offer we can for your land. We don’t consider a transaction a success unless it’s a win-win for everyone.
You can count on us to look out for you and your best interest. We will treat you with respect, integrity, and understanding because that is how we would want to be treated. We promise to follow up on every inquiry. Give us a try, and you’ll see!

Our Sales Process image

At American Land Equity we offer an easy, hassle free sales experience with No Real Estate Commissions or Closing Costs. We use a highly reputable Settlement Company to handle our closings in 3 easy steps.

Step 1: Review and sign our simple 1 page purchase agreement
Step 2: Due Diligence is performed to ensure the property meets all necessary criteria.
Step 3: Close at your desired location and receive your funds directly from your preferred Licensed Closing Attorney or Title Company. 
Although our approach to finding land to buy may be a bit unconventional, we are a professional company run by hard working and honest people.

You choose your preferred and trusted Closing Attorney or Title Company for the transaction to ensure everything is handled with care.

The Closing Company you choose will be directly responsible for the necessary closing docs, title work, dispersing funds, recording the deed etc so you can be confident the closing will be smooth.

Be very careful of any buyer wanting you to use a title company that they own. 
Absolutely Not. We also pay for your Closing Costs. 
The best way to move forward is to sign and send us back the purchase agreement by email, text, or mail. We can also send you the agreement by email to sign electronically.

It’s always a good idea to give us a call as well to let us know you are accepting the offer. That way we’ll be able to keep an eye out for it.
If you have any questions about the offer, just call or email us so we can discuss it.
You will receive the funds from the sale immediately after closing directly from the Licensed Closing Attorney or Title Company of your choice. They typically offer you an option of a overnight mailed check or bank wire as you prefer. 
A land agent typically charges the Seller 6-10% Commission and because land can sit on the market for years, you would typically have to sign a long listing contract as well. Seller's also dont know how long it will be on the market for and what price you will eventually get. Buyer's may also want you to pay for items like a survey or perc test before purchasing. 
We purchase land Nationally on a weekly basis without ever walking the property. We are able to do this by utilizing our land software with features such as aerial satellite images, google street view, flood zone, wetlands mapping and topography. 
Thats easy and very common! The Title Company or Closing Attorney you choose will schedule a mobile notary to come to your home or work for the closing. You just need to give us plenty of notice so that be scheduled with the notary in advance. 
Yes we wont ask you to pay for a survey, perc test, clear brush, install utilities, etc like most buyers. 
By signing the purchase agreement it means you agree to the price and terms in the agreement. It also allows us to open escrow and have the title search performed by the Closing Company of your choice. 
It does NOT mean you have signed over your property to us or transferred ownership. That only happens at Closing by the the Licensed Closing Company of your choice after they have received our funds and all Closing documents are signed by both parties. Then they finalize the sale by recording the deed with the County. 
We purchase Residential, Commercial, Agricultural, and Rural vacant land. 
1. We have a fair and honest approach.
2. We always encourage sellers to choose their own Closing Company so they are comfortable that the transaction will be handled successfully.
3. We pay for all Closing Costs and there are no Commissions or hidden fees.
4. We are Cash Buyers meaning we don't use banks for funding that require long wait times, approval and an appraisal.
5. We close quickly. Typically within 30-45 days.
6. We offer convenience by handle coordinating transaction.
We currently are seeing many land buyers will pose as a land buyer just to tie up the property for an extended time period, market it and then try and find a buyer for a fee. Meanwhile leaving the Seller hoping it will close someday.

Its also common our Competitors will try and find funding or financing, which fall though frequently because land loans are difficult to get and require appraisal and bank approval. Its important to have the cash ready.

We also see other land buyers not wanting the Seller to use a Closing Company and will try and convince them to use their Company or not use one at all. We highly recommend NOT doing that. You always want a State Licensed Closing Company to handle your transaction. 
We use a land pricing software that analyzes data such as acreage size, location, and recent land sales nearby to assist us. 
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